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Our company was birthed out of the idea that better granola must exist. Childhood memories of a couple of rectangular bars in green wrapping, tucked into a school bag, were fond memories. But when gathering friends with little ones together over the long cold Minnesota winter, I wanted to create a more delicious, nutritious, less-sweet product.


After living in South Carolina for several years, finishing my culinary degree, and losing a beloved sister and friend, I knew it was time to live life more bravely. So the culinarian in me got busy. The bar is set high when it comes to what I believe is worthy of selling to the public.  If I don't taste it and immediately say, "Yummmm!", then I won't offer it to you. We're in our seventh year now offering our granola to the world. As anyone working in the food world will attest - it's a lot. But we continue to create beautiful things for you to eat because of your feedback. When you tell me you love it and can't stand to run out, I am delighted! Thank you for supporting our small business and for entrusting us to provide your favorite granola.  

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