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Take Advantage
of the Season

When it comes to granola, fresh, seasonal fruit is its best friend. All summer long you will find endless, delicious ways to showcase both your favorite granola flavors and fruits. Here in South Carolina we are getting ready for peak peach season. The ONLY thing that could guild the lily of a good peach, is really good granola. Put these on top of plain or sweetened yogurt, cottage cheese, or just as they are - so good. 

I had some great fun recently joining Ava Braatz on Fox Access Carolina. I got to share a little of our story as well as showcase some ways to enjoy granola. I'll include the link here if you'd like to see what we were getting up to. 

Hope to see you sometime soon in Greenville, SC!

Noelle Knutson


"I am a granola snob.  This is the best granola."


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