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Summer Market Time!

For those of you who live close to Greenville, we would love to see you at the Saturday market this year. If you haven't visited yet, you are in for a real treat. There are close to 80 vendors every weekend, live music, fresh produce, a festive atmosphere, a charming town to explore, and of course, your favorite granola! You can chat with Erik, my hubby, and head of sales. You can sample some new flavors if there are any you haven't tried yet. Pick up some strawberries or peaches next tent over, that need no adornment except a sprinkle of granola :)

If you're from out of town and wondering about visiting the Carolinas - the answer is yes, you should. It's beautiful here. The people are kind and the vibe is just what most of us need - a bit relaxed. Hope to see you soon. 

Noelle Knutson


"I am a granola snob.  This is the best granola."


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